Recent Developments in Digital Health 2017

Yesterday I hosted the 4th annual Recent Developments in Digital Health conference at the Royal Society of Medicine. This was the 3rd year I organised and chaired the event.

It is a real pleasure to run these events and provide members of the healthcare community with insights into how healthcare can potentially be improved through digital solutions.

In previous years (2015 and 2016) we have had some incredible speakers, including: Mustafa Suleyman (Google DeepMind), Prof Euan Ashley (Stanford University), Prof Tony Young (NHS England), Martin Kelly (Health XL), Ali Parsa (Babylon Healthcare), Dr David Clifton (University of Oxford), Dr Kazem Rahimi (University of Oxford) and Alan Barrell (Judge Business School).

This year we heard from a series of experts within digital healthcare. This included: Sir Mark Walport (Chief Scientific Advisor to UK Government) who discussed blockchain technology within healthcare; Professor Martin Cowie (Imperial College London and E-health Lead for the European Society of Cardiology) regarding monitoring in heart failure; Dr Charlie Davie (Managing Director, UCLPartners and Digital.London) and Mr Shafi Ahmed (Royal London Hospital).

My talk focussed on the current digital health landscape. The slides to this talk are available on slideshare and here.

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